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$25 We certify that the horse sold is the horse registered with the American Quarter Horse Association as described on the Certificate of Registration delivered to AQHA in conjunction with this Transfer
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hi next we will show transfer report the transfer report provides a record of the number of transfers by course with an indication of the time period in which the transfer occurred the transported port is very similar to the drop report and it just gives you the numbers of how many students transferred out of your courses to run the transfer report select transfer report in the drop down and then click go you will be presented by the transfer report criteria you can search by transfer date range course start date ranges semester information and your program office for example to select to find out how the transfer arrayed for summer and spring semester 2014 click those two semesters you can select multiple semesters by pressing and holding the ctrl button and to output this report you have three options PDF Excel or rich text format we're going to output this in PDF click generate report and next you will be presented with the report this report shows that for me do 5360 there are five students enrolled in the course prior to the opening of the course on student transferred out and a total of one students has transferred out of this course if there were any students who has transferred after the course has started it will show in the after one column the office or two and after three columns are not not applicable to Penn State if you need any additional help with this report or any other reports click the Help button and you are the the transfer report information will show in addition you can click other you can click on reporting and click on your report that you need additional help with and you will be able to read additional information on this report you can also favorite the you are you can also favored your favorite reports on here by clicking on the star and topic to favorites and it will show in your favorites folder as always thank you for watching